Austin Roof Repair believes in the policy of being thorough. Our professionals and laborers have knowledge and training when it comes to dealing with roof installations. Government permits can tend to be such a hassle with all the zoning laws, building permit requirements, homeowner’s association guidelines, and the like. More often than not, we might not even be sure of the contents of these permits and getting them signed might be a risk. However, there is no need to worry. Our team is up-to-date with all these and will be readily available to deal them for you. We guarantee only the highest quality materials for your new roof fit for your budget.


Before installing your roof, you have to decide on which material to use, and that could take time because each material has its pros and cons. For our roof installations, we not only deal with consultations and the cleanup afterward, but we provide an array of roofing materials that fit your design and preferences. We feature asphalt, slate, and tile and metal. Flat roofs and cedar shingles are optional choices. Asphalt roofs are the most in-demand for residential homes because of their durability, lasting for an average of 20 years. Generally, they are inexpensive and waterproof and have easy installation. Take note that asphalt can be prone to fading and algae because of the constant exposure to rain and sun. While asphalts can last you a couple of decades, natural (or traditional) materials can go past that. Slate and tile shingles are fire resistant, does not rot easily and has double the lifespan of asphalt.


Green living is coming into trend, and Austin Roof Repair gives you these options. Metal roofs have since attracted homeowners because of their environment-friendly advantage. Being lightweight and low maintenance, metal roofs have the option of being painted if it fades. Wood and cedar shingles are manufactured from recycled sources, usually from wood. The process of producing wood shake is through minimal energy sources—usually taken for a minimum impact on water usage. It has a longevity of 30 years or more and can be a reasonable investment for those who wouldn’t want a footprint on the environment.

As the last part of our process, roof installation is just as important as the materials used. A good roof contractor usually settles insurance and labor compensation. Austin Roof Repair knows its responsibility. We believe not only in protecting your roof, but we also secure it for future accidents. Price is as relative as the service given. We offer reasonable rates for our services. Quality is prime. When we assess your roof, we consider the conditions in your area and expect the problems ahead. How much rain, snow, and winds affect your place? Perhaps a metal roof is more practical than an asphalt one. We have specialists and designers for each type of roof.

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