In any home or business, roofs are our first line of defense from the natural elements. However, as it is the one protecting us the most especially from rain and snow, it is also the most vulnerable. Every day, roofs are exposed to potential damage causing it to decay or deteriorate easily especially when not maintained. Even the smallest problem can domino to a bigger one over time, and in some cases, some of the problems are not even visible. Fortunately, there are roofing companies that give you the bang for the buck while giving quality repairs.


We pledge to keep your roof in pristine shape. Being in the business for a number of years, we offer value for your money. We are an efficient roof company that has an affirmative tracking record with clientele. Fast and reasonable—we are home improvement at its finest. Roof repair specialists inspect your home before a workable timetable is allotted for the project


As they say, prevention is the best maintenance. So before anything, assessment of the home prior to repair mobilization is one of the advantages of our services. Inspections begin with roof leak detection. Roof leaks and moisture can be a sign that there is roof damage. We search for reasons for roof problems: molds, poor installation, and maintenance, blistering, shrinking or chipped off edges, punctures, other foundation flaws post-installation that can affect the roof.

Austin Roof Repair recommends that timely repairs be advisable. Detecting a leak considering the shape, material, and status of your roof may take time. For example, vaulted roofs and open valleys have more of a tendency to get damaged than asphalt and tile since its design diverts water from being stagnant and absorbing on the roof. Should water continue to proliferate into the shingles of your roof, deterioration would be inevitable. Poor roof installation gives you a similar result. The lack of relaxation in sheets before installation can produce wrinkles and leaks.


The Austin Roof Repair installation team has the education and training to deliver the best. Name the repair, and we can fix it to the utmost of our abilities. Even if it sounds impossible, our experts can get your roof repaired. Inclusive in our repair menu are roof leaks, roof damage, roof valleys, and chimney flashing.


Roof leaks are common in built-up roofs and are a sure sign that there may be a discrepancy with your shingles. Whether one area of the roof is to be repaired or if the entire roof should be replaced is the owner’s prerogative. Roof leaks can appear in the form of cracks due to curling, blistering, and shrinking of the roof material.


Differentiating roof leak from roof damage—damage is the result of impairment to a particular area on the roof. The problem is more than just a crack but an actual trauma to the roof causing it not to do its function well. Examples of roof damage are tenting, blow-offs, punctures, and removal adhesive. We also repair wood under roofs.


Roof valleys are the point where two slopes meet. Water exposure makes valleys one of the weaker areas of the roof. Depending on the type of valley (open styled, heavily gauged metal valleys are high recommended) used, it would determine the durability of the valley lining that protects the roof, making it sturdier.


Chimney flashing involves having to install the foundation of the chimney. This is part of rooftop accessories. If cement and tar start to show, you may re-install or replace your unit. Our services grant you layer application for your chimney as well as the available metals fit for the installation.

Our maintenance assistance deals with various roofing textiles, but we specialize in shingles, flats, tiles, and metal. “Accessorizing” the roof means installing gutters to improve on water flow so as to not damage your house structure and foundation when plumbing issues or heavy rains pursue.

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